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Parents/Guardians are always concerned when they read “evaluations”.  In the Spring season, ALL registered players are evaluated and drafted on to a team.

The main objective for the evaluations is to have our teams as evenly matched as possible.  We are not a “select” league.

**IN THE FALL SEASON - there are no evaluations.  Players are randomly assigned to a team unless a specific team is indicated during registration.

NGSA will provide a uniform for each registered player on each regular season team. The uniform shall consist of  a jersey, hat, belt and socks. Players are fitted for uniforms during the evaluations. 

Coaches will inform families what color pants and style to purchase.

4 yr old tball is provided a shirt and hat.

**IN THE FALL SEASON - Players are provided with a jersey shirt and hat, only.


Every registered player is required to participate in our fundraiser.

The fundraiser is a book of 50 raffle tickets at a cost of $2.00 each.  4u Tball is only required to sell 40 raffle tickets at $2 per ticket.

Each raffle ticket contains a free dinner at Spring Creek BBQ coupon.

The Prizes are different each year but usually consist of high end electronics such as Big Screen TV's and Apple I-pad's


You must sell your raffle tickets in order to get your uniform.


**IN THE FALL SEASON - There is no fundraiser


Practices are scheduled by the Team Manager around his/her schedule. Typically there are 2-3 practices per week depending on the age of the players. NGSA suggests that the Managers have 3 activities in a week (Games included).

**IN THE FALL SEASON - There are typically less practices.

NGSA games are played on Monday through Saturday. Most divisions play 2 games per week. One during the week (Mon., Tues., Thurs.). And one on either Friday evening OR Saturday. We will not play on season games Sundays. NO late games will be scheduled during GISD testing(STARR/TAKS). NO games are scheduled on Easter weekend, Memorial weekend.  There is an occasional Wednesday game, and our end of season tournament may have games on Sunday.

**IN THE FALL SEASON - Games are typically only on Saturdays.